Come, discover who you are. The DBU experience is lively and fun filled. The university’s strong backbone of almost 20 years of experience into education is a stepping stone to success for its dynamic aspirants.
  • ENGINEERING   Building Bright Futures.

    Engineering devours the very soul of innovation. What most people may consider a challenge beyond human perception, we perceive a mere engineering dilemma. At Desh Bhagat, the academics is strongly bounded by a thoroughly realistic approach to learning making us outstand with some of the top engineering courses in the country. The college of engineering offers highly sought after engineering courses... >>>
  • Legal Studies   Fighting the quest for justice.

    Seeking to study in the top law colleges in the country is a dream for many. Desh Bhagat University school of law offers an unparallel learning experience in this thriving profession grooming lawyers with substantive legal expertise. Law is an integral driving force behind the successful functioning of industry and civilization growing through time. While justice may be one aspect law goes beyond forming policies and protecting knowledge to virtually finding the correct path...>>>
  • Hotel Management and Tourism  Building bright futures.

    It gives me immense pleasure and pride to welcome each one of you, on behalf of the management, staff and myself to this premier “Vidya Niketan of Excellence” in education to Hotel Management and Tourism, since 2003. We have team of excellent faculty leading among hotel management colleges in Punjab in various disciplines with blend of industry and academic excellence. Rich and innovative programmes in an academic environment to facilitate learning skills, knowledge and attitude are carefully designed. Students are the harbinger of change. Our goal is to create an environment...>>>
  • Computer Science and Applications   Magic with keyboards.

    Computer, being regarded as the most significant and revolutionary invention of mankind, has metamorphosed the planet earth completely. Predominantly, Computer Science and Computer Applications have acquired the control of the modern life in a myriad ways. The advent of computer machine also germinated its congenial stream of higher education known as Computer Science Engineering. The periodical researches and enhanced initiatives woven into various segments of computer capabilities have nurtured all the streams of computer education...>>>
  • Business Management & Commerce   Steering dreams.

    Its rightly said, on campus we steer dreams. Every successful business or entrepreneurial venture is driven by a vision, controlled by investors but run by mangers! At Desh Bhagat we teach you how to effectively work within large organization through efficiently building leadership qualities and nurturing the analytical side of you. It may come as no surprise most of our student are entrepreneurs running their own enterprise...>>>
  • Ayurveda and Research   Bringing ancient knowledge to light.

    Desh Bhagat University is an eminent centre of Ayurvedic Research in the country with a strong backbone of 20 years of experience in education. This pioneer institution in Punjab offers advanced courses in MD Kayachikitsa, MD Rasa-Shastra and BAMS. The ancient study of Ayurveda dates back to over 1000 years. The college of Ayurveda has world class laboratories, its own pharmacy and a 300 bed hospital ...>>>
  • Nursing   Touching a life everyday.

    Among the top Nursing colleges in India, Desh Bhagat University is renowned for its finest courses and incomparable learning experience, grooming prospective nurses to be highly skilled healthcare professionals. Here we teach students to have attributes of compassion, empathy, patience and kindness positively influencing healing capacity of individuals. The world class training is highly driven by acquiring skills through on campus clinical experiences, awareness medical camps, presentations, e learning, internal conferences and lectures by visiting guest faculty...>>>
  • Design  Creating extraordinary artists.

    The distinguished centre of fashion design on campus embodies the signature of designing and tailoring masterpieces to perfection. Amidst transforming technology and international perspectives on fashion, the learning pedagogy brings together extensive lectures, peer presentations, research work, industry visits to hosting fashion shows. The study replicates the work setting that transform individual creation confidently conglomerating creative expression, sartorial techniques and research with commercial marketing aspects... >>>
  • Performing Arts  Ideas that change hearts.

    The department of Design at Desh Bhagat offers various specialization in motion picture capture, computer animation, theatre, television and interactive narrative. You will extensively learn about developing professional scripts and screenplays to planning production. Mastering the art of handling camera, sound, lighting are the fundamentals you will gain knowledge of. By the time you graduate you will be harnessing the core skill of creative thinking and converting independent vision to your very own commercial production with sophisticated appreciation... >>>


Desh Bhagat University, being one of the greatest University-based research institutions in the nation, is a pioneer among Indian universities in the region of technology transmits and has contributed a huge commitment to the economy, health awareness and innovation. What makes us considerably more interesting is the sylvan ambience to saturate innovative excellence amidst tranquility and serenity to make earth shattering exploration and research. At the department of Research and Development, DBU brings together researchers across its range of commendable identities and utilizes its most sophisticated resources to assimilate multifaceted brilliance into research by erasing the intricacies of the subject.



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To encourage the students to take up industry related projects independently.

To achieve maximum placement of student in reputed companies.

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